Investigtors Corner
               AUDIO EVIDENCE
              Case Number BT-081514

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

  • Clip 1 (0004 hrs.)During an EVP session in the background a yell could be heard…there was no report or tagging of such a yell during the investigation
  • Clip 2 (0015 hrs.)—2 additional yells in the background during a conversation between two investigators in the concession lobby area. Once again no yell was heard nor tagged at the time of the investigation.
  • Clip 3 (0038 hrs.)An investigator makes the comment during an EVP session in the concession stand “come on you’re being too quiet” a faint noise was heard at the time and recording.
  • Clip 4 (0042 hrs.)—during a conversation between 1st and 2nd rotations there were unidentified sounds like a hoarse voice recorded.
  • Clip 5 (0104 hrs.)As the Group EVP began Lead Investigator Rozell request a sign of someone’s presence. The radios of all tam members inexplicably squelched. This had not happened the entire night prior to or after this once incident.
  • Clip 7 (0115 hrs.)—While preparing to begin Group EVP session someone appears to be calling the Lead Investigator by name
  • Clip 8 (approx. 2325 hrs.)—Investigators Joe and Rebecca Towey were in the basement under the lobby area and recorded these 2 knock…No source was able to be identified.

Ghost Box sound clips (Experimental)


  • Clip 1 (0140 hrs.)—Apparent answer to the number of entities present…”5”.
  • Clip 2 (0146 hrs.)—Steve wants to know if “they” like popcorn…apparently they do.
  • Clip 3 (0145 hrs.)—The Lead Investigator asks if they can say the name of one of the investigators present after Investigator Rozell lists everyone present it appears the entity says yes…asshole…Angel (Angel is one of the investigators present) (there is an amplified version attached also)
  • Clip 4 (0145 hrs.)—Lead Investigator Rozell notifies the entities that the team will be doing another rotation if investigation…the entity appears to approve. (also possible baby cry)
  • Clip 5 (0144 hrs.)--Lead Investigator Rozell asks if “they” would prefer if we leave…there appears to be a mixed reaction. However there appears to be five answers (the number the ghost box identified to be present).(there is an amplified clip attached also)
  • Clip 6 (0147 hrs.)--Lead Investigator Rozell asks if the entity can say “Renee” and explains who she is…apparently they can.